The logo for Ali Ward's Podcast, Ologies. It is a light yellow square with various black and white science illustrations.

Thanatology - The Science of Grief

Retrospectively, I realize that I've attended therapy primarily for grief. While I've experienced grief in the normal ways, grief has come into my life in unexpected ways, even for choices I was happy to make and would make again. 

I was flying across Canada in late 2022 when I stumbled across my favorite conversation around grief and coping, and I wanted to take a moment to share it with anyone who comes across this small corner of the internet. It really helped me think about grief differently, and helped me face the shame we all feel for feeling the 'wrong way' - especially if it's different from those around us.

I highly recommend Ali Ward's podcast, Ologies, in general for any and all STEM appreciators out there. I hope this 1 hour and 9 minutes of audio helps you get a little more breathing room from your own relationship with grief. 


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